Month: May 2020

A Simple Trick to Optimize Your PDFs for Web

Optimizing Your PDFs for Web: A Definitive Guide

By Daniel Ziffer / May 25, 2020 /

Are your website PDF files pushing 10MB? 100MB? Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to lower those numbers? We’re here to tell you there definitely is, and it will help improve your website speed along with user experience. Pair that with a brand-spankin’ new website designed for the modern age, and you’re all…

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Lilly Mena is Our New Project Assistant!

By IntoClicks / May 18, 2020 /

Lilly is a born and raised Tucsonan, currently enjoying the seclusion of neighboring town, Marana. Her career has consisted thus far of facilitating information across parties. She previously worked dictating phone calls for the deaf and hard of hearing. She also served as a senior field representative for the CEO and president of the Hispanic…

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