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Access Healthcare LA

Access Healthcare LA is a new business venture from members of TBG Danco, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. They were seeking a website to act as a brochure and offer information for their new healthcare plans.

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What We Did:

Access Healthcare LA came to IntoClicks after working with them for their previous website, TBG Danco, Inc. They desired a website that was clean and professional above all else, going after their target businesses and consumers. IntoClicks had complete creative control and designed a website that highly complements the healthcare industry, also using colors common within – mostly blue and white with red, yellow, and green accents.

This website features a transparent header that fills in as the user scrolls down. Using the information received, IntoClicks designed this website with flow in mind; that is, making sure the user is easily able to move from one page to the next ultimately landing on the contact page, hopefully gaining the client new leads.

As always, IntoClicks ensured the website looks great on all devices – 100% responsive.

Our new website is clean and professional – exactly what we are after. We are confident our website alone will help us attract more business. Thank you, IntoClicks!

Additional Information

A health plan designed to meet your firm’s needs doesn’t come pre-packaged. Your plan should consist of the very best components possible – resulting in a plan that only addresses your needs. Flexibility, transparency and cost control – missing in most employer plans but delivered in ours.