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American Nanocoat

American Nanocoat was looking for an e-commerce website for their new nanocoating products, based in Tucson, Arizona.

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What We Did:

American Nanocoat contacted IntoClicks regarding a website. The main goal was e-commerce; they were looking to set up an online storefront in order to sell their nanocoating products. IntoClicks had creative control over the design of the website. The content and imagery was supplied by American Nanocoat. All products have high-resolution images with a gallery. IntoClicks integrated WooCommerce into the WordPress platform in order to set up e-commerce; Stripe was selected as the payment gateway. Most products are variable products and have additional or alternative models depending on the customers’ needs.

Organization was a key factor in the design. American Nanocoat has a lot of information regarding their products and nanotechnology – they requested the information be organized and easily navigable, in case customers had questions. Case studies are presented with a custom design for their products, so potential customers have proof their products work. Additional features included consultation scheduling integration.

As with all IntoClicks websites, they include basic SEO services; American Nanocoat elected to optimize their website even further to prepare for an influx of business and transactions. On top of SEO, they expressed interest in PPC services to advertise their website and products to prospective customers and clients.

We are extremely happy with the final product for the American Nanocoat website. [IntoClicks] did an outstanding job arranging all of the content and making the website look exceptional! We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found IntoClicks.

Additional Information

American Nanocoat was founded by a team of university researchers dedicated to protecting our environment and enhancing the quality of life through the application of cutting-edge nanotechnology.