IntoClicks Demonstrating Serious Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

IntoClicks Demonstrating Serious Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

As sustainability becomes a more significant responsibility for business owners, IntoClicks (EWT) is putting environmental strategies in action.

Updated April 22, 2018

Conversations about environmental sustainability are happening everywhere. Across the country and globe, individuals and businesses are thinking more and more about the best ways to minimize negative impacts on the environment. For business owners especially, sustainability is becoming less about merely making considerations and more about committing to a major responsibility. Making business decisions that take environmental factors into account is now part of every modern organization’s bottom line.

IntoClicks (EWT) recognizes this responsibility and has an underlying mission as a company to minimize environmental impact as much as possible. Their team of IT experts shares a strong belief in the protection of the environment and the critical importance of practicing sustainability in the business sector.  Every day, the IntoClicks (EWT) team makes conscious decisions about all elements of their business that help to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

IntoClicks (EWT) believes that technology is a tool that is best used to change our world for the better. Environmental sustainability is a huge responsibility, and the IntoClicks (EWT) team is committed to upholding this responsibility by taking advantage of technology in strategic ways. IntoClicks (EWT) has implemented a variety of environmentally conscious initiatives including:

  • Offering significant discounts on Web Design, Online Marketing, and Managed IT services to Environmental Rights nonprofit groups
  • Using computers and components that adhere to high-level environmental impact standards
  • Using power-efficient computers and servers
  • Hosting websites in VPS servers that don’t waist power like traditional servers do
  • Implementing proper recycling procedures for recyclable resources

IntoClicks (EWT) Managing Director, Gabe Carmen, stated that a commitment to environmental sustainability will always be a defining priority for their organization.

“Minimizing our environmental impact is something we take very seriously,” says Mr. Carmen. “It’s a responsibility that all businesses should uphold and we’re constantly looking for ways to drive environmental sustainability in every part of what we do. In fact, in 2017 we made our office 100% solar”

“It’s all about starting with small changes and working to be actively conscious,” Mr. Carmen continues. “We look forward to taking advantage of every future opportunity to minimize our environmental impact. We also look forward to working alongside environmental groups by offering them discounts and cost-effective Web Design and IT services that help streamline their efforts. Environmental sustainability is on all of us, and we’re committed to playing our part as long as we’re in business.”

Looking for ways to use technology to minimize your businesses’ environmental impact? If you’d like to learn more about IntoClicks, their commitment to being leaders in environmental sustainability, and the sustainability strategies they recommend, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call 520-333-3374.

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