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Expert HOA Management

Expert HOA Management was looking for a redesign that was more modern and included a way for HOAs and residents to pay online for services.

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What We Did:

Expert HOA Management came to IntoClicks for a website redesign. Their old design, while functional, was not very modern. Most importantly, Expert HOA was looking to implement an online payment system directly through their website, with no third-party tools or websites. IntoClicks had creative freedom during the design process, though did borrow some elements from the previous website design. Their new website features many more, larger images to help it look more attractive.

As mentioned, accepting payments through the website was the main focus of the redesign. Using Stripe services, IntoClicks integrated all of Expert HOA Management’s accounts into a central payment portal. This included custom coding through PHP functions; due to the nature of the business, there could be no co-mingling of funds – individual payments can only be attributed to their specific HOA, and IntoClicks ensured this is the case.

IntoClicks provides website support when necessary; this includes adding new HOAs to the website as well as setting up their accounts in Stripe.

We are blown away with our new website! Not only is the design clean and professional, we love the colors as well as the new payment functionality. Their support has been fantastic as well! Thank you so much!

Additional Information

Expert HOA Management, LLC is here to help you manage the services your Home Owners Association needs to bring it to its highest potential – bringing the professional property management services supportive of the quality and lifestyle decisions of the communities served to the Tucson market.