Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

When it comes to keeping a business of any size in front of its target audience, blogs are always helpful. Not only do blogs keep your company in the forefront of potential customers, sharing valuable information with them, but they help boost your search engine optimization (SEO) by utilizing key terms and aid in driving traffic back to your website through social media and search engines such as Google.

Statistics show how important regular blog posts are. According to, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion blogs every month and roughly 70 million posts are published by WordPress users on a monthly basis! Additionally, businesses that have a blog get 97 percent more links to their websites, which equates to higher traffic.

The biggest issue for many bloggers is coming up with topics to write about. That’s why the experts at IntoClicks are here to help you with some simple tips and tricks for brainstorming future blogs. Check out our quick list below for just a few ideas on where to find blog post inspiration.

Read Everything

Reading is a great way to find ideas for your next post. From scanning the local newspaper (print or digital) to print magazines and books, you can easily find inspiration for creative blogs. Even something as simple as junk mail or the back of cereal boxes can lend ideas for excellent blog posts. Articulate offers “23 Must-Read Blogs and Sites for Writers” that offer a terrific start for inspiration.

Copy Your Competition

It’s been said that imitation is the finest form of flattery. The same is true for blog posts. Know what your competition is doing. Check out the competition’s blogs on a regular basis and get inspired by their content ideas. You can write on the same topic but cover it from a different angle or go more in-depth to offer up additional information for your audience. Do what the competition is doing, but do it even better!

Check the Headlines

What is happening in your industry right now? What’s the big news? For example, a shortage of new appliances on the market due to the COVID pandemic and holdups in shipping would be an ideal topic if your company sells used and refurbished appliances. In real estate? The housing market is hot right now and there’s a housing shortage. Tell sellers how to get the most for their money and show buyers how to land the home they want. Whatever your industry, find inspiration in the news. These are excellent clues to what you should be covering in your business blog.

The Internet is Your Friend

Let’s face it. Most of us are online on a daily basis. Whether you’re listening to a podcast, scrolling through your social media, or even following discussions in an industry-related group, you will find interesting topics to cover in your blog. The internet is fertile ground when it comes to seeking writing inspiration. Next time you’re online, be aware of what you’re looking at and think about how you can turn it into a great blog. Keep a running list of ideas on your desktop or phone.

Tune in to Your Target Clients and Industries

Take a moment to think about your ideal client. Who are they? Where do they work? Where do they play? What industry or industries are they involved with? What interests them? Asking yourself these questions will give provide insight into what you should be writing about.

If your target audience is new millennial moms, consider where you would find them and what they want to learn about. Search for groups on social media platforms where your target audience spends time and posts questions. How would your service and/or product(s) apply to them and their interests? Tie that together in your blog and post the link to the finished article in the groups your business belongs to. Offer potential clients and existing customers information they want and tell them to contact you via your website or phone number in a call to action within the post.

Remember Conversations & Questions

When talking with clients and potential customers, what are they asking you about? Those conversations are topics to blog on. If your company offers internet technology (IT) services and a client doesn’t know what an intrusion prevention system (IPS) is, that’s a great topic to blog about.

Remember, you are the specialist in your industry so break down your topics into understandable, digestible pieces through separate blogs. Focus on what you do or offer and things that help your target audience. Be sure to explain things in layman’s terms since not everyone may know or understand technical industry terms or phrases.

You’re in business to sell. Ask your sales team what they discuss with potential clients. They can tell you what future customers want to know. Whatever it is, those are blog topics. This can range from questions asked of your sales team by prospects to what people want to know about your business and what sets it apart from the competition. Content marketing is all about answering questions and sharing pertinent information.

Let Google Track Your Performance

The performance report in Google Search Console will show you important metrics about your website’s performance in Google search results. This report will show you search queries people are using that offer up writing topics that you may have never thought about before. If someone is searching “best blog topics,” that might be something worth writing about.

Don’t Forget the Holidays and Special Events

Holidays such as Memorial Day, July 4th, and Thanksgiving are ideal for content generation. Simply look at the next couple of months on your calendar. What holidays are coming up? How can you relate your product or service to the impending holiday? If your company cleans carpets, for example, think about how people gather for the holidays. Write about how people can make their carpets smell fresher before guests arrive or clean up stains from spills and accidents during their holiday get-togethers.

Check Your Social Media

Look at your social media posts and determine which topics are getting the most response through likes, shares, and comments. Those are great topics for blogs especially since you can go more in-depth than in a social media post. After you post the blog to your website, link to it on your social media platforms. When posting your blog on LinkedIn, be sure to tag people that showed interest in the topic that you’re connected to in the post. You can also tag businesses on Facebook that like your blog posts or follow your page. This will encourage them to interact through comments, likes, or shares, which drives even more traffic back to your blog.

Talk to Industry Experts

An “expert roundup” is a tried and true form of content creation. Reach out to experts in your industry and ask questions that you often hear from clients and potential customers or questions you may have yourself. Turn those answers into a great expert blog. This will show that your business is knowledgeable and on the cutting edge by knowing who’s who in your industry. Furthermore, it demonstrates that your company has insider information, making your product or service better than your competitor’s.

Analytics Don’t Lie

This is pretty common sense for content marketers and professionals who are data driven. What are your company’s most popular blogs? Which of your blogs have garnered the most comments, shares, likes? Look at analytics from your website and social media platforms for answers. Those topics that get the most hits are the ones people connected with so write more about them. Again, break your topic down into smaller bits, go more in-depth, and share additional information to flesh out your post and make the most of it.

Remember the Flip Side

Many blog topics can be covered from more than one angle. If you have previously written about how to achieve success, try writing about overcoming a failure or vice versa. For example, a blog on SEO essentials can be turned on its head by later writing about what to avoid when it comes to SEO. Try to look at every topic from a different perspective so you always cover all aspects.

Want to learn more about blog topics or need help with your blog? Contact IntoClicks now at (520) 333-3374. Your initial consultation is free and there’s no obligation.

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