Thank you for joining us!

We would like to introduce you to our project management service, Using this, we will keep track of tasks to ensure we complete your project in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. For more information on the software itself, simply visit in your browser of choice.

As a guest in the software, you will have the ability to create and assign tasks, post updates, notes and files, and much more. Just below, we’ve provided some basic functions of the software that you may find useful when getting started. If there is anything you would like us to go into more detail about, please let us know. logo


Creating a Pulse (task)

Click in the highlighted area, type a name for your task, and press Enter.

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Assigning a Pulse (task)

Click the user picture in the “Assigned To” column and select a user to assign this specific task to. To the right of the Owner/Assigned To column, select a Priority level (High, Medium, Low, URGENT). If there is a specific due date, please feel free to enter that in the “Date” column as well.

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Updating a Pulse (task)

Click on the “speech bubble” icon to the left of the Owner/Assigned To column for the task you’d like to update (you can also simply click anywhere on the task itself); a window will pop open from the right. Use this area to create an update, add info boxes or files, or check the activity for the task.

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Uploading Files to a Pulse (task)

There are two ways to upload files to a pulse, but first, click on the pulse to open it.

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Once inside the pulse, you will start in the Updates section. To upload a file (or files) as an update, click in the empty update box; you will see an Add Files link just below. Click on it to open your choices, and select From Computer. This will open your operating system's file browser. Find the file you wish to upload, select it, and press Open or Upload. Once the file is attached, click the blue Update button to finish the process.

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Once inside the pulse, next to the Updates tab at the top, there is an Info Boxes tab; click it to view this section. Just below, you will see an Add files option. Click that and a File List box will appear below. Click the blue Add file button. Again, your file browser will open; find your file, select it, and press Open or Upload. A status box should open in the center of your window. Once that completes, your files are uploaded to the pulse and can be accessed by any team member of the board.

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Changing Your Profile and Notification Settings

In the top right corner of the window, you will see your profile image. Click it and select “My Profile.” Here, you will be able to change aspects of your profile with us, such as personal info, your password, your notifications, and email integrations (if you would like to update via email).

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On a board you are assigned to, click on the three bar icon, just under your profile image. Select “Email Preferences.” Here, you will be able to control if you receive daily update emails for this board.

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We hope this gets you started using – we love it and hope you will find it as useful as we do. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 520-333-3374.

We’re looking forward to managing our projects with you!