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Renewal Hair Studio

Renewal Hair Studio is a hair salon in Tucson, Arizona. The owner was looking to create a brand new website; previously, she had relied on social media platforms to spread awareness of her business. IntoClicks was mostly given creative control, with a few design requests here and there.

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What We Did:

IntoClicks was hired by Eva Parker, owner of Renewal Hair Studio, to build a brand new website. As she had previously relied on various social media platforms to conduct business, her next step was an official website to collect more information and expand her reach in Tucson, Arizona. She requested a lighthearted, relaxed look and that the colors match her salon colors – white, teal, and grey.

One of the main goals was a Gallery page, tied to Eva’s Instagram account, filtered by hashtag in order to only display certain posts and images.


IntoClicks gave me exactly what I requested, and then some! The gallery looks amazing and I love how I can add certain hashtags to filter the images! So cool!

Additional Information

Eva Parker is the hairstylist/owner at Renewal Hair Studio in Tucson, Arizona, and has been doing hair for 15 years. She is from Southern California and was trained in Beverly Hills, California.