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WordPress Website Management Plan

If you aren’t 100% sure your WordPress site is secure and performing as it should, our Total Care Website Management is the answer.

You run your business.

We'll run your website.

At IntoClicks, we take an integrated approach to managing your website. After your site is launched, you want to know that it is in good hands and going to stay in great shape. Our service plan is designed to give you that peace of mind and a quality management experience for years to come. We manage all the technical aspects of your WordPress site and host it on super awesome Google Cloud servers that we custom-tune just for WordPress to make it super fast, secure, and reliable!

Below is a detailed overview of the services and features that come with a IntoClicks Total Care plan.


Managed WordPress Hosting

At the heart of our IntoClicks Total Care plan is our managed WordPress hosting featuring:

Version Management

Our team will keep your site secure by automatically updating WordPress Core, after testing to make sure it will work well with our managed WordPress hosting. We will also automatically update plugins when released to the most current version* and can also help you choose plugins that best suit your needs.

Monitored Security

We will manage and monitor the security of your site to protect it from hackers. With a set up and managed Firewall, security patching, monitoring known exploits, regular scans for malicious code, and more! In the unlikely event that your site is compromised, it will be dealt with, cleaned up and restored ASAP!

Uptime Monitoring

Be the first to know that your website is down. Reliable monitoring warns you & IntoClicks before some significant troubles. That way if something does go wrong with with the servers, we know about it and can take appropriate action quickly.

Blazing Fast Website

Let’s face it, speed matters. It helps you rank higher in Google and also makes your visitors happy. Our Managed WordPress Hosting is custom-tuned just for WordPress to make it super fast, secure, and reliable! We take your site speed to new levels with true business class cloud hosting on Google Cloud, server side Nginx Caching, Blazing Fast Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Free Cloudflare for added severity and speed so you can expect your site to load faster than ever.

Higher Server Resources

You get even more resources than our already amazing business hosting! Unlike shared hosting that share with hundreds, or even thousands of other sites that can slow your own site down and cause issues. Yes, we know this is overkill – but when it comes to a business website, speed, security, and reliability are everything.

Daily Backups

Even with all these things designed to keep your site up and running smoothly, we cannot plan for everything. That's why we backup your entire site every day, just in case. That’s correct… daily backups. Your entire WordPress website, with all of its parts and pieces, is backed up safely, securely and daily for up to 30 days on an offsite location! If something untoward occurs, your website will be restored to a known working version quickly and easily.

Email Forms & Phone Number Tracking Testing

If your website utilizes email forms or Phone Call Tracking, three (3) times a year we test them and let you know we’ve done so. This helps ensure that the most critical ways in which your customers and clients connect with you are working properly.

SSL Encryption

Your new site will have a free Let's Encrypt SSL security certificate and show the key icon, locked and secure. Using an SSL Certificate helps your site avoid a Google ranking penalty and the dreaded NOT SECURE warning. It also protects the integrity and confidentiality of your users’ data.


Website Optimization Services

We want to make sure your website is as blazing fast as it can be – that's one of the most important things search engines look for! Plus, all your customers and clients will love it. We'll go through your entire website and supercharge everything so you can be sure every page loads as fast as possible. Our goal is less than three (3) seconds, but we can often get them to around one (1) second or less. This will include image optimization, JavaScript deferral, preloading items as necessary, and much more. To top it off, we'll regularly speed check your website to make sure it's still performing as best as can be; if it's not, we'll fix it up... lickety split.


Google Analytics

Vector illustration of analysts

Your site will be setup with Google Analytics which gives you access to free customizable reports that help you get a deeper understanding of your customers and website visitors to see where they come from, traffic count, geographical location, what pages they look at, how long they stay on your site, and much more.


Domain Management

Screenshot of Cloudflare DNS management
Screenshot of Cloudflare DNS management

This is for clients who realize domain & DNS management is a very important part of their web presence and recognize the value of having a company with an experienced web team help with all the aspects of their domain and DNS – Monitoring, managing, maintenance and on time renewal. An IntoClicks Total Care plan includes this optional service for one domain name.


Project Management Portal screenshot dashboard screenshot is our online project & task management portal that allows you to contact our team for service request, see the status of tasks and projects, and much more. It is simple to use and gives you knowledge, control, and accountability with your project and our team.

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Experienced Team

We've learned a lot since we started this business in 2003. We want to use our experience to serve you and keep your website healthy, up to date, and running smoothly. Our local, in-house team feels personally responsible for each and every website we care for and manage. Like gardeners and the plants they tend, we take the time to nurture, support and keep them safe!

* Some restrictions apply.

How would you feel knowing everything possible is being done to make your site as fast, secure, and up to date as it can be?

Pretty good, right?

Now imagine how it would feel to not be the one responsible for making that happen.


The whole goal of this program is to give us the freedom to provide friendly, professional support and be a part of your team for years to come.

Complete the form by clicking the button to the right, and use the URL of the website you’re interested in getting on a care plan. We’ll schedule a chat to talk about details specific to your site as well as pricing. If it sounds like we’re a match to work together, we’ll get the ball rolling on your IntoClicks Total Care plan.

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