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Town West Realty, Inc.

Town West Realty, Inc. (TWR) offers full service portfolio real estate. TWR worked with IntoClicks to update their current site's look and feel to be more appealing to visitors and potential clients.

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What We Did:

IntoClicks was asked by Town West Realty, Inc. (TWR), to modernize their website. When they contacted us, they felt their website needed to be updated with a cleaner look, one that fell more in line with today’s web design standards. Most specifically, they were looking to make sure their new website was responsive and fast. While TWR’s direction on the new website changed several times, IntoClicks was more than happy to accommodate new requests and features in order to realize the goals of this small business in Tucson, Arizona.

IntoClicks provided basic SEO services, as is included with all our websites.

TWR took over website duties in order to have their marketing team manage future updates. Although we do online marketing, we were happy to fill the gaps with their current marketing solution by creating this website. IntoClicks was able to walk them through making the website live on their already-existing domain, and we are very excited to see what they do!

The new site is a vast improvement over our old one – we absolutely LOVE it and we think our clients will too! Thank you so much for bringing us into the modern era!

Additional Information

Since the 1980s, Town West Realty, Inc. has established a local and nationwide presence through quality service and sound management.