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Unique Eyebrow Threading Beauty Salon

Unique Eyebrow Threading Beauty Salon did not have a website previously, and were looking for something to complement their business.

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What We Did:

IntoClicks received minimal design requests for the new website from Unique Eyebrow Threading Beauty salon (who had never had a website before!), and went to work. Colors representing a salon as well as relaxation were chosen to complement Champa Timsina’s salon on 4th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona – pale blue and pink. The main focus of the website was a listing of all available services for the salon, including a form to collect bookings. Due to the location and nature of clientele, IntoClicks made sure the new website is 100% responsive, as most users are expected from mobile devices.

IntoClicks used some design elements of other salon websites and incorporated these into Unique Eyebrow Threading Beauty Salon’s new website.

The website is absolutely beautiful. It makes me feel relaxed and welcomed. Thank you!

Additional Information

Champa Timsina is a licensed aesthetician who has been practicing professionally in Arizona for over twelve years. She grew up in Nepal and India, where the art of threading was a familiar part of the culture.