Lilly Mena is Our New Project Assistant!

Lilly Mena is Our New Project Assistant!

Lilly is a born and raised Tucsonan, currently enjoying the seclusion of neighboring town, Marana. Her career has consisted thus far of facilitating information across parties. She previously worked dictating phone calls for the deaf and hard of hearing. She also served as a senior field representative for the CEO and president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Lilly’s long-term goal is to find a career in something that offers a good alchemy of her interests (writing and human behavior) which she believes to be well-combined in advertising (she may or may not have come to this conclusion after watching one of her favorite shows, Mad Men).

In her free time, she enjoys writing, riding her bike, hiking, sitting around a campfire and spending time with loved ones. Lilly also has two adopted sister pigs named Jellybean and Pearl.

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