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Online reviews are one of the most important factors for consumers searching online, but asking for those reviews is often an afterthought. We create a platform that automates asking your customers for reviews and increases your reputation, all on autopilot!

With our review platform, we automate asking for customer reviews on your website and via email. Customers rate your business and reviews are directed to the directories you care about most!

Our platform allows you to point your customers to your selected websites to leave a review. You can provide multiple sites or a single site to allow your customers to review your business. Our platform gives you access to over 50 review sites including Google, Facebook, and sites specific to your industry.


of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business


of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week


of searchers never go past the first page, instead using only the first 10 search results to form their impression of your business


of consumers say the star ratings they trust the most are 4.0, 4.5, and 5 stars

Reputation Management Services for Businesses

Upset customers are often the most motivated to leave reviews; however, with our system, we can pre-qualify your reviews and send low ratings to a private form instead of posting the review publicly! This gives you a chance to handle the matter privately and provide better service.

  • Managing a reputation: Preserving who and what you really are.

    With IntoClicks’ reputation management services for small businesses, you can address and mitigate negative reviews, and reinforce what’s at the heart of your business trajectory. It’s our express aim to clear all negative content that may have attached itself to your online profile, and allow you to remain free of it in perpetuity.

    Often, what can happen with review sites like Google My Business reviews is that certain negative ratings will be pushed to the top simply because they were written more “comprehensively,” and may have received reinforcement (or have been written by) unscrupulous web users or even competitors.

    We can also help you manage your online reputation by showing you how to adequately respond to negative reviews with customer relations management techniques that help promote your business.

  • Why am I getting negative online reviews?

    You are not alone if you are asking this question. The web presents a wide-open forum for anybody to say whatever they like about your company – right, wrong, or indifferent. Our search engine reputation management can get you around this by making sure those who type in your keywords see relevant content that highlights the positive and ignores the negative.

    Basically, you know your products and/or services are the real deal, and that your company is on the up and up with things. Seeing a one or two-star review regarding your venture is troubling and seems out of place. The good news is that it will also seem so to other web consumers when you have, say, dozens of 4- and 5-star reviews and only a few one or two-star reviews.

  • We’re equal opportunity online reputation management experts.

    We realize that any company can also have situations where perhaps a one or two-star review was warranted. The food arrived late, the service left something to be desired, or the product shipped wasn’t what you said it would be. It happens. Our business reputation management, naturally, covers these situations as well.

    Call it damage control, or call it what you will – no matter what brought about the negative comments, our reputation management services will make sure your business’ good name and qualities are enhanced and the naysayers sink lower in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

    One way we do this is by highlighting specific success stories, instead of addressing the negatives at all. This has the effect of discounting the validity or impact of naysayers, vindictive customers, and even paid negative reviewers (less common, but still a threat).

  • Developing a strategy for doing better online business.

    One example that demonstrates how our online reputation management works is a prominent financial services client we had whose reputation was suffering from a few negative ratings - even though the overwhelming majority of its online reviews were positive.

    We soon realized that this client was not properly positioning its positive assets, and they were also falling short in playing-up a dynamic set of web properties. We consequently developed a customized strategy that included optimizing and leveraging an existing set of web properties, and we expanded the company’s digital footprint to better satisfy the “search intent” of users.

    This, in effect, cleaned up the mess caused by the few negative reviews and acted as an effective reputation repair, becoming a prime example of what our internet reputation services can do for anyone.

    We provide online reputation management services for individuals, small ventures, successful corporations, and those facing a serious public relations crisis. Our team of dedicated web profile technicians can help you gain control of your online image and search results. By turning the spotlight on your positive online content, we make sure you’re the sole author of your business story and that your reputation will withstand unexpected obstacles.

    Let our web design and development team raise your online presence up to where it should be, which includes social media management and the full range of web support services.

    Call us today at (520) 333-3374 or email us for more information on getting started with the type of reputation management services businesses need in order to continue doing good business in the digital age!

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