Introducing our new Cloud Hosting Platform, Made Possible by a Google Cloud Partnership!

Introducing our new Cloud Hosting Platform, Made Possible by a Google Cloud Partnership!

We’re excited to introduce our brand new Upgraded Cloud Hosting Platform. It leverages Google Cloud and the latest technologies to offer enterprise-grade infrastructure to all of our clients — big and small!

We’re beyond ecstatic to offer the new & upgraded Cloud Hosting Platform at no additional cost to our current clients. We have already begun upgrading your hosting; all hosting will be upgraded by the end of February.

What is Cloud Hosting?

While “the cloud” is a little hard to initially wrap your mind around, it’s a great resource for everyone from mobile phone users to website developers. When we talk about the cloud, we’re talking about a virtual system rather than physical hardware.

The cloud is a series of networks that acts as one to pull information from data centers and connect devices. You’ve probably heard of cloud storage – it’s the most popular example, with tools like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, etc. These tools help illustrate how the cloud works.

Key benefits of Cloud Hosting

Reliability & Security

What exactly makes cloud hosting more reliable than traditional hosting? The short answer is the network. Because your site now has access to a number of servers, it’s likely you’ll experience less downtime (compared to shared hosting). And did we mention it’s lightning fast?

Scalability & Customization

Because the network of servers can use resources between themselves differently, this means your site is automatically set up to grow with you and your business. Just the opposite is also true. Say you did an audit and want to delete a bunch of content, your site can easily and quickly scale down with you, too.

Adding and decreasing server space only takes seconds without all the complications that can come with traditional hosting. This means your web infrastructure is as flexible as you are!

What is Our New Cloud Platform?

Our new Cloud Hosting Platform is built to be more scalable, more resilient, and even faster. This is made possible through a partnership with Google Cloud. The architecture is hand-crafted so that sites scale and heal as needed, allowing the best WordPress hosting experience for our clients. This is NOT shared hosting – No Shared Resources! This is custom-tuned business class hosting designed specifically for WordPress to make it secure, resilient, and blazing fast.

Google Cloud Platform logo

Here are a few of the great things about the new platform:

Auto-healing technology

Auto-healing technology

Each WordPress site on our platform will heal itself in the event of any service failure. As an example, if there are issues with PHP, your site won’t go down… it’ll just fix itself! While we’ve always provided great uptime for your WordPress sites, auto-healing technology improves your site’s resiliency even more.

Instant-scaling technology

Instant-scaling technology

You shouldn’t be punished when your marketing success means spikes in traffic, and you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to prepare for your next national TV appearance. With our new platform, scaling your site to millions of visitors happens instantly. There’s no need for downtime or a migration to more hardware!

Free CDN on all plans

CDN available free on all plans

As part of our new Cloud Platform, we’re also introducing our new Content Delivery Network. We’ll be offering free global CDN to all clients on our Cloud Platform.

Updated caching technology

Updated caching technology

The caching technology has been redesigned from the ground up. With our Cloud Platform, your sites will perform even better. Our new caching technology takes into account the most popular WordPress themes and plugins to make sure your site’s pages are cached when they should be and aren’t cached when they shouldn’t be.

High-availability ready

High-availability ready

If your site’s growing and every visit is mission-critical, our new platform offers the ability for full redundancy and high-availability without complicated migrations or updating DNS.


If you have any questions about our Cloud Hosting or simply want more details, feel free to contact IntoClicks today.

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