4 Impactful Tips For Content Marketing

4 Impactful Tips For Content Marketing

Content marketing asks a lot from a writer. Good content marketing should connect the audience to the brand. It should build brand identity through consistent messaging and it should inspire and attract a community. But above all, it should entertain.

To do that you must spark something in your audience, you must uphold authority and expertise in your content for the sake of your audience and your SEO(Search Engine Optimization). You must put your target demographic in the forefront of your mind and you must build trust. This requires the use of 4 things: Emotion, knowledge, personalization, and proof.

To brainstorm and lay out a strategy is one thing, but making your content compelling is another. We’ve already talked about the importance and the organization of it all, but in this blog, we’ll be doing a deeper dive into four components that will enrich your content.

 Emotion through the use of storytelling:

 Every word you write matters. It compounds to form tone. Your tone holds the potential to really make our readers feel something. Scripts that include an emotional narrative drive a point home. The best way to relay an emotional narrative to your audience is through storytelling. 

The power of great storytelling is sometimes overlooked but storytelling is a surefire way to captivate your readers. Storytelling drives a point home, it takes the audience on a journey and it connects your audience to you. Audience members who feel this personal connection to your brand are far more likely to interact with your brand in various ways.

Although storytelling can be powerful throughout various forms of content, it’s especially impactful in a content marketing strategy because 44%of consumers will share a brand’s story that they resonate with. This means further reach when we consider content marketing in the social media space. It also means that not only will storytelling compel readers to become customers, but it will also compel them to spread the word so others can become customers as well. 

Having an air of professionalism is incredibly important, but storytelling that connects the reader to the more personal side of your business is non-negotiable. Emotions drive action. In fact, been found that social media posts that tap into emotions—joy, surprise, nostalgia—are far more likely to be shared and remembered. This emotional connection turns viewers into devoted clients. 

Statistics matter: Strength of evidence 

On the other end of the spectrum, numbers and statistics can really help to prove or confirm a point you’re making. Big numbers demand attention instantly. Quoting amazing statistics in a video, blog or post can be a great hook to draw viewers in. By including statistics, you not only strengthen your argument, but you build authority by demonstrating your knowledge in the field.

Numbers can  also provide clear communication to your audience about the information they are being fed. Social media posts with specific numbers, such as “10 ways to improve your mental health”, tend to generate more clicks than vague headlines. This builds trust in your readers, and subtly motivates them to convert

Social Proof: Let others tell your story 

At the end of the day, your content is coming from a biased source. For as great as you seem to be, you need proof. A good way to legitimize yourself in the eyes of the viewer is with reviews and testimonials. Nothing speaks to your claims better than everyone upholding them. They can also be validated using case studies. Case studies depicting the difference your business has made in the lives of consumers is monumental. To go back to our other point, it’s hard to argue with numbers and case studies provide numbers that fit the claims your business promises.

Personalization: Talk to the reader 

“Hello [your name]” goes beyond the greeting. It’s an invitation, a familiarity. Content marketing personalization is like a fitted suit — that level of customization makes the wearer feel good about themselves when they try it on. Content that directly addresses the audience and their concerns is thought-provoking. Directly addressing a person or their concerns makes the reader feel a sense of familiarity, as though there is already a relationship. 

When the reader comes across content like this, it’s difficult not to imagine an existing relationship with the brand. This level of consideration is a step in the right direction. Imagining what it would be like to have something, is the exact thought process that leads to conversion.

Putting it all Together

All variations content marketing aim to do the same thing. Understand that content marketing is all about building a relationship with an audience. As online advertising and marketing continues to evolve, authenticity can sometimes feel scarce. 

When done poorly, ads and advertising can feel like digital noise, coming at the viewer. Content marketing is different because it aims to build rapport in a way other content doesn’t. 

To achieve the rapport possible , you must consider the tools listed here. You must employ the use of emotion, social proof, statistics and personalization. This will provide the audience with the trust and connection necessary to build a relationship that your brand. If you need help with content marketing, don’t hesitate to speak with or team of experts.

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