Maximizing ROI Through Strategic Choices: Goals, Match Types, and Networks in Google Ads

Maximizing ROI Through Strategic Choices: Goals, Match Types, and Networks in Google Ads

In a previous blog, we delved into the crucial first step of setting up goals as the foundation for building a successful Google Ads campaign. The thoughtful selection of goals acted as the guiding star, steering us toward making informed decisions regarding match types, networks, and other variables. Today, we’ll be expanding on this concept to help you maximize your return on investment (ROI). Herein, we will dissect the different goals available and discuss how to harmonize them with the appropriate match types, networks, and other facets to ensure an effective and profitable Google Ads campaign.


For campaigns where the primary objective is sales, Google Ads provides an array of options. Opting for the Google Search Network is often a wise choice for sales-driven campaigns as it allows your ads to show up for people actively searching for your product or service. Coupling this with exact or phrase match types can result in higher conversions as these match types help to focus on specific queries closely related to what you’re selling. It’s also recommended to use Google Shopping campaigns for product sales, which showcase your products directly within the search results.


Generating leads is another common goal for advertisers. To attain this, using the Google Search Network is, again, highly advisable. Broad match modifier can be a useful match type for casting a wider net, though it’s important to keep an eye on relevance. Including a call-to-action and using lead form extensions can significantly boost lead generation. For B2B companies, consider targeting the Google Display Network with custom intent audiences to reach users based on their professional interests or company specifics.

Website Traffic

When your goal is to increase website traffic, both Google Search and Display Networks can be leveraged. Broad-match keywords may be employed to reach a larger audience, but it’s crucial to maintain a balance to avoid irrelevant clicks. Utilizing Display Network with eye-catching visuals can also attract clicks. Furthermore, employing Google Ads’ Smart Bidding strategies such as Maximize Clicks can be beneficial to automate bids for the most clicks within your budget.

Product and Brand Consideration

If you want potential customers to explore your products or services and consider your brand, the Google Display Network should be your go-to. The use of responsive display ads that adapt to different screen sizes and formats can be particularly advantageous. Additionally, capitalizing on Custom Intent and Similar Audiences will allow you to target users who have already shown interest in products or services similar to yours.

Brand Awareness and Reach

For campaigns focused on brand awareness and reach, the Google Display Network is the most effective. Utilizing broad match types and targeting a wider audience with demographic targeting options can maximize visibility. Moreover, integrating video campaigns through YouTube (which is part of the Google network) is a powerful way to make a lasting impression and build brand recognition.

App Promotion

If you’re looking to promote a mobile app, the Google Ads App campaigns streamline the process. These campaigns are specifically designed to increase app installations and engagement. Google uses machine learning to optimize your ads and serves them across the Google Search Network, Display Network, Google Play, and YouTube.


Understanding and aligning your goals with the right match types, networks, and other parameters is fundamental to achieving good ROI in your Google Ads campaigns. By tailoring your strategies to fit your objectives, you can efficiently use your resources and ensure that your campaigns are driving the results you desire. Continually monitor performance and optimize based on data to keep your campaigns on the path to success.

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