5 Most Lucrative Types of Social Media Platforms for Advertising

5 Most Lucrative Types of Social Media Platforms for Advertising

Some 80% of Americans are on social media.

Social media isn’t just a platform for gathering new followers. It’s also a great tool for interacting with customers that mesh with your brand’s purpose.

Just like you might guest post on another business’s blog, you can share pictures, messages, and build your advertising momentum.

Here are 5 most lucrative types of social media platforms for advertising:

1. Pinterest

Start with the end result. You want people clicking onto your site through Pinterest because that social media site gives you excellent insight into your core customer personas.

You want subscribers, customers, and, more than that, recurring customers who will spread your most successful pins across the site. Before you start figuring out how you’re going to achieve it, you need to know how you’re going to measure it.

Where Do You Want Pinterest Ads to Go?

Good promotional plans don’t matter if they don’t have anything to lead interested consumer to. So build your website full of insightful content, helpful tips, and good content offers.

You should also have a landing page that speaks to each customer persona and gets quick conversions to your subscriber list or pool of paying customers.

You can’t be sure that referred traffic is going to have more than a few clicks or interactions on your site before turning around. So make sure you have the perfect destination ready for when your promotional plan goes into effect.

2. Instagram

Today, Instagram has developed a huge reputation for itself in the social media world. In 2017 a majority of all businesses were expected to use Instagram and Instagram has a per-follower engagement that is 58 times higher than Facebook.

There are many strategies to interact and reach out through this still new and ever-changing social media platform. An important strategy to be mindful of our famous hashtag. Hashtags are used to reach out and easily make your post more discover-able to your new and existing audience.

It would be best to take some time and get to know what is trending with your target audience. Every business has a specific target demographic. Let’s face it, you cannot even begin to research and choose the proper hashtags without knowing what direction and who you want to reach out.

You know your target audience and you know what they like, right? For any business to be successful, it is always best to also know what your competition is doing. What is working for them that could work for you?

Or better yet, what creative ideas can you get from solving what isn’t working with them? Investigating the hashtags they are using and see how to use it to your advantage.

3. Twitter

Twitter ads when done right, blend seamlessly into the platform. You are not going to find big banners and large display advertising, but in their own way, they effectively reach your target market.

Twitter ads come in three styles; promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends.

Promoted Tweets

These are simply tweets you want to promote. They show up in both search results and timelines of your followers, as well as those who do not follow you.

They can be targeted to a specific audience by geography, interests, device, and similarity to current followers. Promoted tweets help you gain exposure and get a targeted message across to the most amount of people for the least amount of money.

Promoted tweets cost on average under $2 per engagement. This means you only pay when the tweet is clicked, re-tweeted, or favorited.

Promoted Accounts

Another way to use your purchasing power to gain access to Twitter users, promoted accounts place your account in with the rest of the suggested accounts to follow.

This is a way to gain followers quickly. Advertisers pay between 52.50 – 54.00 per new follower when using this method.

Promoted Trends

This is the sponsored version of Twitters ‘trending topics.” Promoted trends put your brand’s message into the list of what Twitter users are talking about right now.

4. Facebook

The Social Media giant, Facebook, is continuously changing its platform in ways that users and marketers are struggling to keep up. There are several updates that Facebook has implemented that you can take advantage of.

Custom Audience Targeting Requirements

Facebook has started enforcing its new requirements on how custom audiences are being targeted from customer files. Advertisers are now required to indicate the origin of their audiences information each time a new customer file is uploaded.

The options available will include:

o Advertisers getting information directly from customers

o Advertisers sourcing information directly from partners, e.g. data providers or agencies

o Advertisers sourcing information from both the customers and partners

This will enable users to see why the ad prompt is showing on their page as well as provide users with the opportunity to view how the advertiser sourced their information.

5. YouTube

YouTube isn’t just a hub of entertaining videos. It’s one of the leading search engines on the Internet. People go to the site to find answers to all of their problems, and, usually, they comb through multiple videos to compile an answer that best fits their situation.

Even better, potential customers don’t have to go directly to YouTube to start searching. If they type their query into Google or even their Chrome browser, relevant YouTube videos will jump up at the top of the search.

Looking for good leads is one of the hardest parts of marketing. There’s a lot of demand online, but it can be difficult to trigger someone’s interest and get their attention at the right moment.

If your business offers services, then YouTube videos are the right backdrop to your advertisements.

A Penalty for Bad Advertisers

Facebook is on a mission to crackdown sellers who offer wrong shopping details and inferior quality products. This crackdown will enable users to review advertisers who are selling products through Facebook.

If several negative claims about a seller are received by Facebook, and the seller is not able to address the concerns, the company’s ads will be banned from Facebook.

Utilizing All Types of Social Media

Though you may not want to spend any of your hard-earned money, paid advertisements on all types of social media may really help your business grow (for only a few dollars).

By targeting your audience, your advertising dollars will be working hard for you. They will attract the right people. You can also monitor each campaign.

If your advertisements are not performing well, you can make the necessary changes, even mid-campaign.

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